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Grater Plate for garlic, ginger, cheese, etc.
Grater Plates
approx. 9" diameter

This is a grater plate, with a rough area in the center to grate items on, then you can add oil or other liquid over what was grated and use to serve with bread for dipping. Here is a customer's comment on her plate: "Yes, the grater plate is beautiful and I do love pottery.

As far as the use of the plate, it’s amazing, I’m so glad that you came up with such a creative idea. Mostly I’ve used the recipe sheet that was with it, I grate the garlic or the ginger first and then put the rest of the ingredients in and mix it together. It really seems to bring the flavors of the garlic or ginger out which makes it much more flavorful. It’s easy, and the cleanup is a breeze. Because the Grater Plate is so beautiful you can prepare whatever you are making then take it right to where you will be serving it, I love that simplicity and I love having something of that quality on my table. I would recommend it to anyone, and look forward to trying more recipes."